Safe Routes to Oak Knoll School

  • Click here to view the draft version of the "Safe Routes to Oak Knoll School Plan Update".

    Below are some very important policies you need to be aware of for the first day school year. There is a strict NO PARKING and NO STOPPING policy in the following areas on school days during both DROP-OFF and PICK-UP:


    • On both sides of Oak Knoll Lane between Oak Avenue and White Oak Drive
    • On both sides of White Oak Drive between Oak Knoll Lane and Oakfield Lane
    • On both sides of Oakfield Lane
    • On both sides of Oak Avenue between Lemon Street and Sandhill Road
    • There will be no parking from 7:45-8:15am AND 2:30-3:15pm and 1:00-1:45pm on Thursdays 

    Below is a map of the area around the school.  If you are driving to school, the new no parking areas are mapped out on the map below.  The red line highlights the new no parking areas, the blue line highlights the areas where no parking is already enforced and will continue to be enforced.  

    Please take time to review the Safe Routes to School Document so that you are familiar with the new parking locations and leave yourself plenty of time on the first few days of school to get used to your new routine.


    No Stopping/No Parking Sign Locations