• Kristen Gracia

    Principal, Oak Knoll School
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Principal Messages 2018-2019

  • Welcome Back from Principal Gracia
    August 20th, 2018
    Dear Oak Knoll Parents,
    It is with deep gratitude that I welcome you and yours back to school. To our new families, we open our doors and invite you to join our incredible school community. Oak Knoll is truly a special place and an excellent school. Many leaders, educators, and parents ask for our school climate recipe. They wonder how and why Oak Knoll stands out when it comes to connection, climate and vision, not to mention academics. The answer is always easy. Our success boils down to one variable...the people.
    When we all show up as caring participants within this community, we create an environment for our children to thrive, as well as a strong foundation that our staff, students and families can depend on. I deeply value the unique connection between teachers, staff, parents, and students at Oak Knoll. This past summer, when we experienced the loss of a vibrant student, we were all reminded of the importance of our connections. There was, and continues to be, an outpouring of love, support, and strength from our compassionate community. Oak Knoll brings us together, but ultimately, together we are Oak Knoll.
    As we begin the school year, I invite you to get involved! We are excited to announce more ways to connect, like our Mix and Mingle events for parents, an Office Open House, our Talking About Tech Together coffee talk series, our Fall Family Picnic (where apparently I will be in a dunk tank), and a dynamic parent education Speaker Series. Make sure to peruse the weekly newsletter to stay “in the know” with everything Oak Knoll. Fostering connection and relationships begins with us adults.
    Our school vision, “Every student an exemplary scholar, a valued friend and a courageous citizen” is our primary driver. Our mission is anchored in teaching students about mindset, compassion, and service. We believe exemplary scholars have a growth mindset, valued friends are compassionate, and courageous citizens recognize the needs of others and see themselves as part of the solution.
    Our teachers will continue to be intentional about building a strong and safe classroom community so our students can take risks, be creative, and learn deeply. This process takes many forms, from greeting students by name every day at the door, to getting to know each student, their interests, strengths, and needs. Goal setting and targeted instruction is the path that leads our students to academic success, but we know their success is only as strong as their ability to apply a growth mindset, show compassion and see the needs of others from a global perspective. It all connects!
    I am most excited about seeing the kids return on Thursday, August 23rd at 8:10. Check out our Back to School Top Ten for helpful back to school information. Once again, we are focused on continuous improvement, so you can count on this year being our best year yet!
    With gratitude,
    Kristen Gracia
    Principal, Oak Knoll School