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Whole Child Learning & Development Framework

Whole Child Learning & Development Framework

Whole Child Learning & Development Framework

The Whole Child Learning & Development Framework, shown here, is the visual representation of MPCSD’s priorities. It reflects years of work focused on the anchoring question: How can we ensure that every child is engaging, achieving, and thriving? This “every child” metric reinforces the district’s commitment to equity and is directly aligned to the district’s long-standing Vision Statement: 

Every child achieves academic excellence. 

Every child becomes emotionally and physically stronger.

Every child discovers and grows their talents.

The journey to today’s Framework began with the district’s 2015 adoption of 48 strategic directions. Together these directions showed the district’s overarching commitment to:

  • A universal, guaranteed, viable, curriculum with common assessments;

  • Mastery and competency-based, student-centered instruction and support;

  • Data-driven collaboration and improvement;

  • A professional culture that includes innovative evaluation, creative perks, differentiated professional development, and a focus on diversity;

  • A comprehensive, science-based approach to mental and physical wellness for students, staff, and the family community;

  • Promoting and using technology to support teaching and learning when up-to-date, relevant, and seamless;

  • Robust professional development for highly effective classroom technology use, and partnerships with edtech companies to ensure best practices; and

  • Engaging parents and leveraging community resources to foster a student-centered vertical experience that grows the developmental assets of all students.

As the district moved toward implementing its original strategic directions, the Framework emerged to accurately and simply illuminate the many efforts and goals of the strategic directions, with five fundamental focus areas. The Framework includes three foci around teaching and learning mindsets and two foci around the relational conditions necessary for all students to achieve success. The Framework illustrates MPCSD’s belief that student and adult well being, relationships, and collaboration are essential to the success of our academic and cognitive efforts. 

The Framework now stands as its own guiding document to highlight the district’s commitment to elevating the educational practices that reflect our community’s expectations and values, as well as our commitment to designing classrooms that meet the diverse needs and strengths of all learners and prepare them for the world into which they will graduate. 

To read more about the Framework and what it looks like in practice, please use the links below:

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