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Language at Hillview

Hillview World Language

The Middle School World Language Program begins in the 6th grade and offers both Spanish and French as electives. Hillview students are able to complete up to Spanish 2 or French 2 over the course of their three years at Hillview.

Hillview also offers an advanced "Spanish for Spanish Speakers" elective (also starting in 6th grade) to meet the demand created by the TK-5 Spanish Immersion classes matriculating to Middle School.  The Spanish for Spanish Speakers elective is also available to any native or advanced Spanish speaker not associated with the Immersion program.

Hillview Language and Culture Class

Additionally, Hillview offers a Language Culture class as part of an exploratory wheel. In this class, students will identify the historical background of Spanish influences in California. They are also introduced to cultural similarities and differences among Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Peru, and Spain. Students examine issues in various countries, researching and reporting on them; create cultural objects like masks and Mayan glyphs; and learn about literature, dance, and cuisine.

For more information about the Hillview World Language program, see the Hillview School website.

Biliteracy Attainment Award

To culminate their hard work and achievement through years of study in the Spanish Immersion program, the Menlo Park City School District is proud to offer the Biliteracy Attainment Award. 

The Biliteracy Attainment Award, given in conjunction with the San Mateo County Office of Education, is designed to celebrate the attainment of age-appropriate biliteracy and is available to all students who meet specific Spanish and English fluency criteria. We are excited about the opportunity for our students to showcase their bilingual abilities and honor their bilingual accomplishments.