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TK-5th Grade World Language

Program Goal

The goal of the K-5 Spanish Specialist Program is to create a globally-minded climate throughout the whole school, increase multicultural experiences, strengthen bonds with our Spanish-speaking students, and lay a foundation for future language learning.

Program Structure

Spanish is taught through a successful and research-based contemporary style of language teaching called the communicative language approach.  Instead of teaching students explicitly about grammar and language structures and working from lists of words for students to memorize, they will be teaching meaningful communication that comes up naturally through student-centered, engaging tasks. Much like the way parents teach children their first language, they will be immersing them in comprehensible Spanish during class time, supporting students to understand and create authentic language.

All TK-5 students receive 30-45 minutes of Spanish instruction each week.

For more information about specific sites' Spanish Immersion or TK World Language programs, see the individual school websites:

Oak Knoll