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Gifted and Talented Education

A Message About Gifted and Talented Education

Menlo Park City School District is known for its innovative schools where students are engaged in meaningful work in a learner-centered environment. We believe in the potential of each child and we are committed to achieving our vision - that every child achieves academic excellence, becomes emotionally and physically stronger, and discovers and grows their talents - by focusing on our Core Values and Guiding Principles. 

 As referenced in  Guiding Principle #3, Equity of Access, we provide an exemplary education to meet the needs of each of our students. Our highly-qualified teachers work within their unique classroom settings to differentiate for all types of learners so that they are appropriately challenged. 

 Like Dr. Todd Rose, from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Menlo Park City School District believes in the idea of Learner Variability, meaning that each student has a learning profile with diverse experiences and abilities that influence their learning. 

 Menlo Park City School District believes that all of our students are gifted in their own ways, and by focusing on Learner Variability we can appropriately meet the needs of individual giftedness. Intelligence is not a fixed trait. With this as our belief, MPCSD, like many districts similar to our size and student population, we do not offer a Gifted and Talented program. 

 As a way to stretch our students’ thinking and abilities in math, we offer a Compacted Math Program starting in the 5th grade. This is an accelerated option for 5th-grade advanced students. Your PTO also offers a variety of after school fee-based enrichment programs. Please contact your child’s school or visit the school's website for more information. 

 If you have questions about how your child’s individual needs can be met, please contact the classroom teacher. Your child’s learning experience is important to us. If you have any questions about your school’s academic programs, please contact the school’s principal.