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Preliminary Environmental Assessment Report

The Menlo Park City has prepared a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) Report in accordance with Education Code section 17213.1, subdivision (a)(4)(B).  The School District has submitted the PEA Report to DTSC for review and has chosen to make the PEA Report available for public review and comment pursuant to Education Code section 17213.1, subdivision (a)(6)[(A) or (B)].
Project Designation:
Laurel School Upper Campus
275 Elliott Drive
Menlo Park, California
Project Location:
The property is approximately 6 acres in size and is identified with the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN): 063 430-310 by the San Mateo County Assessor.
Description of Assessment:
This PEA Report was prepared by Terraphase for submittal to the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal-EPA) Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). This PEA Report was prepared under the oversight of the DTSC in general accordance with the Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA) Work Plan prepared for the Site (Terraphase 2014) and the guidelines of the DTSC, as detailed in the PEA Guidance Manual (DTSC 2013).

The school District plans to make the PEA report available for public review and comment pursuant to Option A.

PEA Summary: Low levels of termiticides (dieldrin) are present in the soil in the planters at the front of the existing school building. Low levels of naturally-occurring asbestos (NOA) is present in imported base rock below the parking lot and asphalt surfaces at the Site and potentially below the existing school building.

One truck load of dieldrin impacted soil will be removed and be disposed of under DTSC oversight. The soil is not a hazardous waste and can be disposed of in a municipal solid waste landfill.
The asbestos levels in the base rock are below concentrations that would require mitigation or specialized training/equipment to protect workers. The base rock will be handled on site with appropriate dust control and monitoring.  The rock will be used to balance the grading of the site over the school field. A geotextile separator will be placed between the base rock and the overlying soil. An Operations and Maintenance plan will be in affect to insure compliance.
The PEA and Supporting Documents are Available for Review at:
Menlo Park City School District: 181 Encinal Ave - Atherton CA - 94027
Contact: Kim Go, assistant to Chief Business and Operations Officer
Office: 650-321-7140 ext 5611

Documents are also here:
Preliminary Environmental Assessment Report
PEA Appendix A
PEA Appendix C
Public Comment Period:
A public comment period for the PEA Report begins on February 4, 2013 through March 5, 2015.  Written comments on the PEA Report will be accepted through March 6, 2015.  Comments should be directed to Ahmad Sheikholeslami Chief Business and Operations Officer at
Public Hearing:
A public hearing to discuss the PEA Report will be held on February 10 at 6:00PM at 181 Encinal Ave, Atherton Ca 94027. Comments on the PEA Report will be accepted during the public hearing.