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Meet Our Bus Drivers

Our fantastic school bus drivers are dedicated to ensuring our students get to and from school safely each day. Our drivers are friendly and engaged. and are the first point of contact for many of our students to help start their day off.

Headshot of Wilfin Morales

Wilfin Morales
Transportation Supervisor
(650) 321-7140 x 5626



Rosas headshot

Modesta Rosas - "Rosa"
Bus Driver

Modesta Rosas, who goes by Rosa, has been a bus driver for 12 years. She joined MPCSD in 2016. Rosa considers it a pleasure to be able to help students get to school and is proud to be part of the MPCSD Transportation team. 

Headshot of Mike Trabanino

Miguel Trabanino - "Mike"
Bus Driver

Mike Trabanino began working at MPCSD in March of 2015. He is married with two children who have graduated from Cal Poly. His oldest works for law enforcement and his youngest is the business administrator of Providence Credit Union. Mike is a Dallas Cowboys fan!

Headshot of Viridiana Garcia

Viridiana Garcia - "Viri"
Bus Driver

Viri Garcia joined MPCSD in 2019 starting at the ELC & Encinal. Then finally becoming one of our amazing bus drivers in 2020. Viri is married and has three daughters and is a proud parent of Encinal School. Viri is passionate about being around her family as much as possible and enjoys driving around students and being part of the Transportation team. 


Picture and bio will be posted soon. 

Alex Causor - "Mr. C"
Bus Driver