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Acronyms Used in Special Education

Acronyms Used in Special Education


Below are some acronyms that are commonly used in Special Education.

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act (1990)

ADD/ADHD - Attention Deficit Disorder/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder

APE - Adapted Physical Education

ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder

CAC - Community Advisory Committee

CCS - California Children Services

COE - County Office of Education

DIS - Designated Instruction and Services

FAPE - Free Appropriate Public Education

GGRC - Golden Gate Regional Center

HI - Hearing Impairment

HOH - Hard of Hearing

ID - Intellectual Disability

IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEP - Individualized Education Program

IFSP - Individualized Family Service Plan

LEA - Local Education Agency

LRE - Least Restrictive Environment

LD - Learning Disability

MH - Multiple Handicaps

NPA - Nonpublic Agency

NPS - Nonpublic School

OHI - Other Health Impairments

OI - Orthopedic Impairments

OT - Occupational Therapy

PT - Physical Therapy

RSP - Resource Specialist Program

SAI - Specialized Academic Instruction

SELPA - Special Education Local Plan Area

SLD - Specific Learning Disability

SST - Student Study Team

VI - Visual Impairment