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Student Use of Technology

MPCSD Student Use of Technology Guidelines and Policies

With the use of technology and Internet access comes the responsibility to respect and protect the rights of others. Users of District technological resources are expected to act in a safe, responsible, ethical, legal manner, and in accordance with the Menlo Park City School District Technology Acceptable Use Agreement. Below please find the official policies and agreements that we have students and families review and complete annually.

MPCSD Student Use of Technology Agreement

Hillview 1:1 iPad Program Student Acceptable Use Policy

District Policies

Student Use of Technology (Board Policy 6163.4)

Student Use of Technology (Administrative Regulation 6163.4)

Technology Safeguards in MPCSD

MPCSD ensures a safe environment for student technology use.

All devices - either Chromebooks or iPads - are managed by Technology Services, which means that any Apps or software must be approved and are deployed by the district, not by the user. 

MPCSD also reviews any new requests for web- or app-based Ed Tech Products, as well as browser extensions, to ensure they meet with our privacy standards. The public can view all our approved EdTech products on our LearnPlatform Public Product Library. Annually during registration or re-enrollment, parents acknowledge that MPCSD uses a variety of third party applications for student educational uses, and they agree to our current library, as well as the addition of any new applications after the start of the school year.

We keep students safe online through the use of a content filter. This filter applies rules that block harmful or inappropriate content both during school hours and at home (for 1:1 iPad users at Hillview). In addition, site administrators receive "red flag alerts" if a student's online activity seems risky. Each red flag is verified by an administrator, and when necessary, the administrator meets with the student to review the incident and involves the family.

Cell Phones and Personal Device Use in MPCSD

MPCSD recognizes that students have a legitimate need for cell phones to stay in communication with their families. At the same time, the presence of cell phones does create some issues in the educational environment, such as...

  • ...cell phones or other personal devices can use data to access inappropriate content Internet sites or social media that MPCSD's content filter. would otherwise block.
  • ...cell phones can be a distraction to learning.
  • ...cell phones can be the target of theft.
  • ...cell phones can infringe on other's privacy because they allow students to capture images of other students or staff without their express permission

For these reasons and others, cell phones and other personal devices, including Smart watches, must be "off and invisible" during school hours. Phones are available in all classrooms and in the office should a student need to communicate with a parent or guardian. Each school site handles inappropriate cell phone use in its own way. Please review your child's school handbook or parent guidelines for more details.