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Technology Plan

The implementation and application of technology support teaching and learning. In Menlo Park City School District, we have identified eight (8) guiding principles that define our goals around technology:

  1. Create a culture of innovation around technology that encourages teachers to seek, try, evaluate, and select the best tools that present the most promise at the most reasonable cost, with a desire to scale tools district­wide.
  2. Adopt a universal set of technology resources that will evolve into an organic, focused, robust, and supported educator-approved tool belt and ensure that our teachers, students, and families are not overwhelmed with too many digital initiatives and are able to focus on our teaching and learning priorities.
  3. Ensure that technology resources support the full range of learner variability, and when adopting and implementing technology, apply the lenses of accessibility and equity.
  4. Maintain high-value, vertically aligned digital citizenship tools and curriculum to provide the most current and effective tools, training, and mindsets for students, families, and staff to remain safe and responsible online and using digital tools effectively.
  5. Provide effective, differentiated, timely, and ongoing professional development to MPCSD staff.  
  6. Ensure MPCSD students and educators have universal access to up-to­-date and relevant hardware and software, as well as a seamless wireless network that supports the growing demands of EdTech devices and content.
  7. Leverage technological solutions to maximize both physical safety and cyber security.
  8. Utilize the District’s Technology and Innovation Committee as an incubator of innovation and continue to seek meaningful partnerships with technology companies and thought ­leaders around EdTech who share our purpose and vision.

In June of 2023, Technology Services presented The MPCSD Technology Plan 2023-2026 to the Board of Trustees. Please review our plan and its companion document, The MPCSD Technology Plan 2023 - 2026 Goals Timeline. Our plan is an living document and may change based on evolving technologies and changing priorities.