• Math Questions about math pathways and placement are often foremost among parents' minds as students transition to Hillview. This page and the resources linked to it will help orient newcomers to Hillview to the math courses available and how we place students in a class best suited to their math ability. Hillview does provide different levels of math based on student math ability; although not commonly done under Commom Core State Standards, we recognize that our community values opportunities to advance in mathematical learning, and we have developed a system that offers choices and flexibility.

    We recommend you start with the Math Pathways FAQ's. This document provides in chart form the math offerings at each grade level and answers some of the most common questions about math pathways and placement.

    Next, you may be interested to know about the summer opportunities for math "compaction." (Note: Parents of students currently in 5th grade should refer to the 5th Grade Summer Bridge Notice). Compaction is a term we use to describe how students can move up from one level to the next in mathematics. These levels are sometimes described as "grade level," "single accelerated," and "double accelerated." Because in Common Core one cannot skip material, as was the custom under the former California State Standards, when content was spiraled back in grade after grade, the only way to move ahead is by addressing more content standards in a shorter time period. This is what we mean by compaction. Not only are math offerings compacted at Hillview (e.g., Math 7B/8 is the second half of Common Core Math 7, plus all of Common Core Math 8), but we also offer summer "Bridge" classes that offer on-ramps to compaction. In other words, a student who in 6th grade is in the grade level Common Core Math 6 course, depending on his or academic success and motivation, could take a summer bridge course in order to move up to the single accelerated level as a 7th grader. To see all of the math courses described in the FAQ's document linked above in a  visual form, with additional summer bridge options added in, review this math pathways chart. To register for any Summer Bridge Course, please click here.

    Finally, your student's Hillview math experience should be informed by the existing math pathways at Menlo-Atherton High School. Please refer to this chart so that you can see what path your student is likely to follow based on his or her 8th grade math placement.