•  Michael Doroquez  

    It's almost hard for me to believe, but this is my 18th year as a mathematics teacher!  Every year of teaching has been a great experience.

    Hillview has given me wonderful opportunities to teach, coach, and be a student activities director. I hope that this year will open more opportunities to grow and succeed.

    I attended the University of California at Davis as an undergraduate. Immediately after graduation, I joined the United States Peace Corps.  I served as a high school teacher in the southeastern African country of Malawi for two years.   Among the subjects that I taught were mathematics, biology, and AIDS education.  During my service, I had the opportunity to travel all over southern Africa. 

    After my two years in the Peace Corps, I moved to New York City to get my graduate degree from the prestigious  Teachers College at Columbia University.  After a wonderful education, I earned a Masters in Mathematics Education.

    While in New York City, I was very, very fortunate to be able to teach at the Computer School (M.S. 245) for three years, one of the best middle schools in the area. 

    This is my 13th year at Hillview, and the whole journey has been awesome! !  It is my hope that this year will be as successful and enjoyable.