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    I have been teaching at Hillview for eight years and teaching middle school art for over eighteen years. I am a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and have a Masters Degree from Teachers College in Art and Art Education. I was also a Fine Arts major at Haverford College and have taken numerous art classes at universities and colleges on the East and West coasts and even in the Chicago area for two years. I was a printmaking major in school and focused on photography in grad school. Now, I paint in the summers but lately have been very busy chasing after my two kids. I love to do yoga and hike as well.  

    Stop by the art room anytime during lunch or brunch to work on projects or arrange a time with me. 

    Art classes include Mixed Media Art, 3D Art, Photography and Claymation, Drawing and Painting, and Advanced Art, which is a year-long elective. If you are in 6th, 7th or 8th grade, you could take three different art classes throughout the year. Each year, I change the classes, so you can take the same class in sixth grade, seventh grade and in eighth grade and there will be completely new projects. All course descriptions are located on the bars to the left.

    If you have any good websites that you like for animation, drawing, manga, or art, please drop by the art room and I will list them here. 

  • Art Helps Teens with Depression

    Posted by Anna Kogan on 11/6/2017

    As Hillview gears up for 6 lessons on mindfulness, I came across this article from Superintendent Burmeister. Art is one of those personal subjects that allows students to express themselves, slow down and be mindful. It helps students cope with issues they may be facing and helps them talk about those issues through their art. Here is a link to the KQED article.

    The article shows how important art can be in teens' lives. Students are so lucky to have so many opportunities for art at Hillview and I feel pretty lucky to teach them. :)

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  • October in the Art Room

    Posted by Anna Kogan on 10/25/2017

    October in the Art Room

    We have had a very productive month and we only have a few weeks left of the trimester.

    Mixed Media Art

    In mixed media art, students have created block prints based on a topic of their choosing. The print needed to incorporate hatching or cross hatching (texture). 



    Students extended this project by creating a clay impression of their block and then painting it. 


    clay impression

    Students also explored collage further and created colorful collages using recycled wallpaper. Their collages needed to incorporate 4 layers of papers and show depth and craftsmanship. The results are beautiful.

    collage   fox


    Students are also finishing up beautiful watercolor paintings of animals. These pieces also needed to include texture. Many students utilized the fan brush to create fur or feather effects. 


    cat 5   fish   peacock   bird

    Now, students are working on transforming advertisements into large drawings. Soon, they will either paint or collage into the drawings to change or enhance the meaning of the ads. These should be very interesting and because they are using a grid method to draw the ads, the drawings are turning out very well.

    3D ART

    Students in 3D Art have been very busy. Most students have had a chance to try out the pottery wheel. Some students found the wheel quite easy while others found it very challenging. Students have now glazed their mugs using food safe overglazes.

    mugs   mugs 2   mugs 3

    After spending a block period sketching in the neighborhood to observe architectural details, students created relief sculptures inspired by anthing architectural around the world. Students were to create at least 4 levels of depth in their relief clay sculptures. These will be painted after they are fired.

    skull   architect   architect2


    They have also created musical instruments that are shaped like animals. These will soon be fired and painted. The animals are simlar to rainsticks. 


    Some students are currently working on coil pottery and a few have gotten to design 3D printed objects. In the last few weeks of the trimester, students will work with plaster, cardboard to make sculptures and popsicle sticks. They will also spend time glazing and painting all of their sculptures. They have created such wonderful work this trimester and should feel proud.


    Advanced Art

    After our eventful field trip to the animal shelter in Santa Clara, students have been busily working on gouache paintings of the cats and dogs they met. Almost every cat or dog is represented in a painting. Student also had to write about their cat or dog, writing our their animal's thoughts and feelings. On November 2nd, the volunteers from the shelter will come to Hillview to see the paintings and talk to us about the shelter more. What a wonderful service the students are doing for the homeless animals.

    dog   cat   cat 2   dog 2

    Students are also working on large 6" x 12" block prints. These should be very impressive. They are also working on painting their burnished sculptures as well as their tribute boxes. The last 2 weeks of each trimester are dedicated to students working on an independent project, which is always exciting.



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  • September in the Art Room

    Posted by Anna Kogan on 9/21/2017

    We have had a busy few weeks of school. Students are challenging their creativity in drawing, painting, and clay so far this year. Students are observing the world around them and relate their art to their personal experiences and interests. Everyone is encouraged to make their art as personl as possible so that it is a true expression of themselves. Below is the breakdown by class including a few photos of student work. Enjoy!

    Mixed Media Art:

    In MMA, students began by sketching outdoors around school and practiced working with charcoal. They turned some of their sketches into more finished charcoal drawings. Then, they began to sketch items that they care about and created stencils for each object. These were traced on larger paper and painted using a blended technique and overlapping.   

    Currently, students are working on containers that are shaped like food. These will be fired in the kiln and painted to look more realistic. Looking forward to seeing the students' creations in October!

    Andrea  Elise  oreo

    3D Art: In 3D Art, students have been so busy! First, they made a tile that showed their understanding of several techniques: burnishing, stamp, sgraffito, slab formation, and reductive sculpture. This tile was then painted with watercolors with some of the surface wiped away to show off the nice textural designs underneath. Then, students created ceramic jewelry and small scuptures which were glazed with vibrant colors. Some of the students chose to embed glass into the small sculptures. Next, students created relief signs that included slab lettering and a small slab sculpture. The relief sculptures needed to incorporate sgraffito or stamp into the tile. These will also be painted to add interest and color. Next, students needed to create a set of mugs that are linked by a similar theme. The theme needed to be carved into the mug or attached as relief sculpture. I also demonstrated the pottery wheel to students who will take about 1 week on the wheel during the trimester. 

    daniel  tiles  jewelry  mugs  owl

    Advanced Art: The Advanced Art class began the year with a charcoal drawing based on newspaper photographs of Hurricane Harvey. These powerful images translated well to charcoal. Next, students experimented with guache paint and created paintings of shiny objects. They are now beginning a clay sculpture that shows relief texture (smooth, design, and or relief sculpture on the container). These are in progress and will surely turn out well. We also took a block period off campus to sketch in the negihborhood. How relaxing and what a good way to practice our drawing skills. On October 6th, we are headed to the Human Society for the beginning of our Adoptibles Art project. 

    harvey1  harvey2  shiny  mio  eva

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  • Welcome Back August 2017

    Posted by Anna Kogan on 8/23/2017

    Hi Everyone! I hope you had a relaxing summer and got to enjoy art in some way. I saw an amazing photography exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art focusing on water. Unfortunately, it has moved on, but a new photography exhibit will come soon focusing on the selfie and also an exhibit on Louise Nevelson, whose art I admire. I also got a chance to paint a new mural in my kids' room of a space shuttle taking off and I painted on canvas as well. I wish you the best of luck this year at Hillview. Stop by the art room anytime.

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  • Welcome to Art!

    Posted by Anna Kogan on 8/29/2016

    tree image  

    Welcome to Art! If you are a new student in one of the many art classes at Hillview, welcome! I a happy to have you this trimester and thank you for visiting the art website! Art class is a place to express yourself, relax, learn new skills, and take risks. If you feel confident in your art skills, fantastic, but if art class makes you a bit nervous, do not be. The art room is a safe space to learn no matter your abilities. I look forward to getting to know you better through your art.


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