Shalann Kunkel - Seventh Grade Social Studies

  • Shalann Kunkel

    Hello Hawk fans! I never thought I would end up in California, but in 1997 I moved to the Bay Area after a year of teaching eighth grade English in Utah to teach at a small private school in south San Jose. After four years of teaching sixth grade core (an English and social studies combo) and French in Almaden, I decided that I needed to work closer to home. Consequently, in 2001 I took a sixth grade core position at Hillview. Since then I have taught sixth grade humanities core, seventh and eighth grade French, and seventh and eighth grade social studies. I am currently teaching seventh grade social studies with the Cloud9 Academy. Catch our wave!

    I am originally from Spokane, Washington where I attended Sacajawea Junior High and Lewis and Clark High School. I attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a Humanities - British Literature Composite Major, and a teaching credential in Secondary Education.