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    I am honored to be joining the sixth grade team at Hillview this year.  As a parent of two children in the district, I am well aware of the high quality of MPCSD schools and am excited to be part of something great.  

    I have spent the last decade working with youth in a variety of capacities.  After graduating from Azusa Pacific University with a B.A. in Social Science, I spent five years in non-profit administration and program management throughout the Los Angeles area.  While I loved the work I did and the sense of purpose that accompanied it, I found myself most invigorated by the time I got to spend on school campuses.  This propelled me to return to school and earn a M.A. in Education and two single subject credentials (English and Social Studies).  Shortly thereafter, my family and I relocated to Menlo Park and I began teaching in Redwood City School District.  In Redwood City, I spent four years teaching eighth grade humanities and a variety of elective courses.   

    In addition to teaching, I like the Giants, little league baseball, bikes, books, folk art, hiking, trying to grow vegetables, making things, good music, the ocean, and long road trips.