• Russ Peterson

    Hello Hillview Students and Parents!

    I’m Mr. Peterson, one of the four dedicated 6th, 7th and 8th grade Physical Literacy and Education teachers at Hillview. (We also have three other teachers joining us to offer activities for all students.) 2016 is my second year of teaching after two years of substitute teaching at Hillview. I’ve also taught 3rd and 4th grade Physical Education in San Carlos.

    I’m here at Hillview because this is my community and my three children are alumni of Hillview. And I love what we are doing with this place!

    Please note, I am the second “R Peterson” in the district so my email uses my middle initial to distinguish me:

    rjpeterson@ …         =         Russ Peterson

    rpeterson2@ …        =         Russ Peterson (alternate)

    Middle School is a wonderful time of development and growth as our kids transform into young adults. Sometimes overnight. I chose Physical Education because of the emphasis on lifelong, healthy, fitness experiences. We want every student to explore and discover activities they enjoy.

    Currently, I’m also a coach for an adult fitness program in Menlo Park and Los Altos.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions. I look forward to a wonderful year.  Hillview is AMAZING.  Go HAWKS!