•  Yogi Sullivan  

          Hello and welcome to a fantastic year learning about mathematics! My name is Yogi Sullivan and I truly love teaching! I am extremely excited to be here at Hillview Middle School and I'm inspired to be working with such a positive and forward thinking group of educators. I cannot wait to meet all my new students and get the fun started with my fellow members of the Visuvius Academy.

          In our math classroom, we will be looking for patterns and connections and we will learn from our mistakes and misunderstanding to build true mastery of the mathematical topics we will be studying.

          I believe in using one word to help me moving forward when I am studying and learning and that word is YET. For example, I might be learning about adding fractions and I have taken a quiz and I did not score as well as I wanted to: I have two choices about what I tell myself about this outcome. First I could say I do not know how to add fractions. This will lead me to STOP right here and I will literally be putting a brick wall in front of myself. If on the other hand, I say to myself I do not know how to add fractions YET...I will have told myself that with some additional work I WILL know how to add fractions!!! 

          I graduated from Saint Mary's College with a bachelor’s degree in business management. I attended Notre Dame de Namur to earn my teaching credential.  I hold a master’s degree with a focus on Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum. I am a committed life-long learner and have continued to add to my teaching credentials over the years. I am authorized to teach Mathematics, Biology, Geo-Science, General Science, Technology, and Business.

          My classroom experience covers the past 20+ years teaching middle school Mathematics, Science and Technology both here in California and overseas. My love of travel and learning about the world took my fantastic wife and I on many teaching and learning adventures. I had the opportunity to teach middle school in Taiwan, Indonesia and China. During these years I learned that no matter what part of the world you live in, middle school students ROCK! Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, gardening, reading, and sports. 

          I strive to maintain open and clear lines of communication with both parents and students. Student communication happens daily: before school, during the day in the classroom, at recess/lunch, after school or by email. We use Edmodo as our primary method of information distribution. 

         The most efficient way for parents to contact me is through email. My email address is: ysullivan@mpcsd.org


    I learn something new and awesome every day and I hope you will as well!

    Mr. Sullivan

    ‘It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.’

                                                      Sir Edmund Hillary