Curative COVID Testing

  • COVID testing is open to the public in Menlo Park at the corner of Middlefield Road and Ravenswood (across from MA High School).

    Testing is provided by Curative. 

    You can take the necessary precautions to help prevent the spreading of the virus by
    taking the Curative COVID-19 test.
    ● This oral fluid swab tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19.
    ● The Curative test has a higher clinical sensitivity (100% sensitivity, 100% specificity)
    than nasopharyngeal swab tests, which irritate patients.
    ● Curative’s test is quick, simple-to-use, painless, and self-collected.
    ● Patients will receive test results within 48 hours via text or email.
    ● To date, Curative has released more than 5 million test results and is processing ~70
    thousand test kits per day with plenty of capacity.


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    About Curative Inc.
    Curative is a COVID-19 testing company that is transforming healthcare delivery. Curative Inc.
    was founded to develop tests for sepsis in January 2020 and pivoted to COVID-19 in early
    March 2020 upon realizing the urgent need for test development and production in the United
    States. Curative is currently operational within a CLIA-certified lab in Los Angeles, CA,
    Washington, D.C, and Austin, Texas. Comprised of a team of doctors, scientists, engineers, and
    health industry experts, Curative has developed a simple-to-use oral fluid COVID-19 test, with
    excellent turnaround times, the highest possible clinical sensitivity, with a model that can be
    scaled to enable widespread access to testing to keep our communities safe. For more details
    on Curative, please visit

    The Curative Test
    Oral-fluid swab testing is an alternative method to nasopharyngeal or brain swabs in testing for
    COVID-19. The self-administered oral fluid swab involves having the person cough first, which
    releases virus from the upper and lower respiratory tract. The virus is then caught in the saliva,
    the patient then swabs the inside of their cheeks and the roofs of their mouths. Once complete,
    the patient seals their test within a secure container and returns it to a medical professional to
    be administered in the lab. The entire Curative test is done without having to come into close
    contact with others, therefore eliminating the need for personal protective equipment (PPE)


    Testing Capacity and Scale
    Curative is well-positioned to test at mass scale through the self-administered tests because the
    sample can 1) be overseen by any certified healthcare professional (such as firefighters or
    paramedics) and 2) people collecting samples do not require consistent changing of PPE due to
    the lack of proximity needed to oversee the self-administered tests, enabling testing at scale.
    To date, Curative has released more than 5 million test results and is processing ~70 thousand
    test kits per day with plenty of capacity. We’re quickly scaling our labs to process 1 million test
    kits a week. Curative manages the entire testing process end-to-end—from sourcing materials
    for the test and manufacturing the test to run the test sites, processing tests, and delivering