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    Who is Mrs. Maribeth Andolina? That would be, me!
    Wow! Time really DOES fly when you're having!

    This is my 33+ year of teaching, and I have taught every grade level (K-8), except fourth! I love, love, love teaching kinders because their enthusiasm for life and learning is beautiful, fun, happy,
    contagious, passionate, REAL, and energizing!


    I live in our wonderful community of Woodside with my supportive, and really fun spouse, Joe.
    Joe and I are blessed to be the parents of four really great guys, and soooooooooooooooooooo very proud of
    Giovanni (38), Joey (34), Judd (34), and Nick (25).


    AND, we love our newest little member of our family, Santino, and Sonny, for short. Sonny is our little
    puppy who is, well, we really don't REALLY know what kind of dog he is - a mix of this and
    that...Chihuahua, terrier, and more of what we don"t know. But, he is very small. Smile!

    I love, love, love teaching children because children have a unique and sincere enthusiasm for life, living and learning. Quite frankly, these little people radiate rays of "happy hope" that are beautiful, fun, happy, contagious, passionate, real, and energizing to my soul, mind, and heart!


    I have the BEST job in the whole wide world! (BIG SMILE)


    What Do I Hope for "our" Kindergarten Kids?

    • I hope my kids are excited about coming to school EVERY DAY!
    • I want my students to feel safe, love interacting with each other, and learning something new each and every day. 
    • A positive sense of community, respect, and compassion exists in our classroom as we work toward the same goals of living, respecting, and learning together. 
    • I create a safe, caring and fun environment so everyone is excited about learning while experiencing a sense of trust and belonging. 
    • I encourage independent and cooperative learning which means taking responsibility to learn independently, as well as learning cooperatively from each other.
    • I present tasks that are engaging and challenging, yet within reach of each child's abilities and skills.
    • I want their bodies and brains to be fit and ready to learn, so we take stretching, jumping, and brain breaks to keep us "ready to learn."
    • I use different teaching approaches which enables each child to broaden his/her horizons, and DISCOVER and develop hidden abiities which become rich sources of lifelong learning.
    • I create a safe, conductive, and stimulating learning environment where children are encouraged to explore and experience the joy of learning.
    • I love a secure and supportive environment where bright and curious children can interact with and learn from each other.
    • I need a partnership of trust and cooperation between parents and teachers to maximize our children’s potential.
    • I encourage lots of sharing and class discussions because all learning connects with past experiences and knowledge.
    • I want my kids to see and feel learning by becoming active participants in their own learning - lots of hands-on investigations, problem-solving and discussions.
    • I stay connected with my kids by checking in, and holding conferences. Their feedback as to what is and is not working for them is priceless. Together we set academic and social goals based on their thinking, and how they are feeling about school, friends, and life.
    • Most importantly of all, I need my kids to have a mutual respect and compassion to understand and appreciate the unique differences we all possess.


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    What were you like as a student?

    Well, I loved learning, school, friends, and being a “student” - smile.


    List five adjectives that accurately describe yourself.

    Grateful, happy, motivated, zany, enthusiastic


    What inspired you to become a teacher?

    Growing up with nine totally different siblings, and amazing parents who nurtured our individualism, valued the importance of being comfortable with who we are, AND cherished the idea of loving FIRST what we choose to do every day in our adult lives.  And, of course, the day Mom introduced us to the wonderful and wacky world of Dr. Seuss - couldn’t wait to read his books with kids,  and hear the roar of laughter Mom created in all of us.  


    If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    Flying would be a cool superpower.    


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