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  • Library Book Return
    Please return all library books to the Laurel Library by Friday, May 31st. Please encourage your children to look for misplaced/overdue books and to return them as soon as possible or bring payment for lost book(s) to the library. Overdue notices will go home the week of May 27th and June 3rd. Of course we will accept overdue books until Friday, June 14th. 
    Thank you,
    The Laurel Library Team

    Remembering Monique Donecho: Relay for Life event
    We are saddened by the news of Laurel teacher Monique Donecho's passing, and would like to honor and remember her at Hillview Middle School's Relay for Life benefiting the American Cancer Society. Interested Laurel families can participate in this dedication by donating in her memory here (choose "I want to support Relay for Life in general". ) Alternatively, luminarias can be purchased here (choose Event, Hillview Middle school, and continue on) and dedicated directly to Monique. Luminarias will be decorated with Monique's name and line the track as the students walk. As night falls, we will take a moment of silence to remember Monique, and all loved ones lost. Each luminaria donation directly funds the American Cancer Society. 
    Stacy Goldman
    Hillview Relay for Life parent volunteer (and former Laurel parent)

    Spotlight on Study Trip to Gamble Gardens (Cont.)
    image 1  

    Figure 2: Learning About Bees - Photo by Daphne Foroughi

    What They Learned

    The third graders learned a lot by going to Gamble Gardens. The tour guide kept saying “Pollen combined with seeds can make eggs.” “Here are the eggs!” She pointed to the egg patch, “When a pollinator pollinates, pollen goes into here,” she pointed to the egg patch again, “then that makes the eggs. Those eggs make flowers.” The third graders learned that when a pollinator, like a bee, pollinates a flower, the pollen goes into the egg patch. When the pollen gets combined with the seeds, it makes eggs. Then the eggs grow into beautiful things like flowers (and sometimes fruit). They also learned what a “Wasp Hive” is--a mini house on a stick with holes for the wasps to fly through.


    gamble 2

    Figure 3: Wasp Hive - Photo by Daphne Foroughi

    If you were wondering, nobody gambles there, just some beautiful gardens!

    Every Saturday Gamble Gardens has  scavenger hunt to search for certain types of plants!   


    Peachy recipes

    May is the beginning of peach season, which is one of the best times to pick up some of these sweet, juicy fruits. Peaches are versatile and can be put in sauces, smoothies, sandwiches, and cobblers. Click here for five colorful recipes that you can make now with fresh or canned peaches. 

    With Gratitude,

    Christine Penrose, MS, RDN