School Board Update

    At the September 9 meeting, the Board heard the district’s enrollment and unaudited actual budget updates. The enrollment presentation showed that 72 fewer students ended up attending this fall than were expected based on the spring’s re-enrollment numbers. This may be attributed to continued effects of the pandemic and families choosing to move out of the Bay Area because of remote work options. Superintendent Burmeister cautions against extrapolating too much from this year’s data as it is likely a very unusual situation; in all previous years the number attending in fall has exceeded the expected number from spring. Long term, the 3,000+ housing units the city must add over the next ten years, the completion of existing residential projects, and the addition of transitional kindergarten beginning in fall 2022 point to likely enrollment growth moving forward.

    Highlights from the budget presentation show that, in line with historical trends, local funding accounts for 88% of the district’s revenues, and staffing, including salaries and benefits, makes up 89.3% of expenditures. Parcel taxes fund over 55 positions, pointing out the importance of these measures in ensuring that MPCSD can provide lower class size and a rich program.

    Additionally, the Board decided to hold its future meetings in person following MPCSD’s health and safety protocols of masking, three-foot distancing, and Covid-safe ventilation and filtration. The Board members, who are all vaccinated, agreed to participate in Covid testing on Board meeting weeks. The Board also asks that any individual desiring to attend be vaccinated and have a negative Covid test five days prior to attending. Open session will begin at 6:00 p.m. The meetings’ location will be communicated and may be adjusted to accommodate members of the public with social distancing.

    In pandemic news, Superintendent Burmeister reported that 98% of certificated (teachers and site administrators) and 96% of classified (support staff, supervisors) are fully vaccinated. Not reported at the meeting, but edited this week, was the district’s Safety Plan. The Plan now incorporates recent CDPH guidelines for sports and extracurricular activities. Please see the Plan here to read MPCSD’s guidelines. Sports expectations will also be posted in school gyms. All guidelines have been communicated to PTO leadership; it is our school’s PTOs who organize the district’s afterschool activities.