• Ashley Guillot
    Ashley Guilliot Earns School Counselor Recognition
    Our very own, Mrs. Ashley Guilliot, has earned the esteemed Emily Garfield School Counselor Award from the San Mateo County School Board Association! As so many of you are aware, Laurel wouldn’t be Laurel without Mrs. Guilliot. She is a champion for kids… for ALL kids. Ashley is an exemplary school counselor who knows all Laurel students' strengths, interests, friendships and areas of need -- truly! Keeping an extra eye out for our most vulnerable students, Mrs. Guilliot quietly ensures they are connected and cared for. Counseling through the pandemic has highlighted for me how steady and strong of an advocate she is for children. Beyond all of this, she has helped our staff grow in our approach to equity minded and anti-racist practices. There is no one more deserving of the Emily Garfield Award than Mrs. Guilliot; as you know she is the heart of the Laurel School Community and an exemplar for all school counselors.  Join me in congratulating Mrs. Guilliot for receiving the esteemed award!
    Kind regards,
    Linda Creighton
    Return Equipment
    School Issued Devices 
    If your child has a school-issued device at home, please have B-week students return it to the Laurel library next week.  A-week students can bring it with them on April 26th or 27th.  Don’t forget the charger, too.  Email the library team at lrlibrary@mpcsd.org if you have any questions.

    Curiosity Showcase Update
    We have about 5 Parent Mentors so far and we are hoping for a few more! About 50-60 students signed up to participate and we’d like to keep the mentoring groups small. A Mentor Training Informational Meeting is on Monday, April 19th at 7:00 PM. If you have questions about mentoring, please join us for the meeting! More information is on the Curiosity Showcase webpage. You can also email the Curiosity Showcase team at curiosityshowcase@laurelpto.org.