• Order your yearbook today: LAST TWO DAYS FOR FREE SHIPPING!!
    If you didn't order a yearbook in the Fall, order your yearbook by May 6 and shipping will still be free!
    The all-school yearbook will include pages for each class, as well as all-school events. You can also personalize your child's yearbook, if you so desire, with a custom 2-page collage for no additional cost (and $3.99 for each additional 2-page spread thereafter).
    To order: visit www.TreeRing.com/validate
    Enter our school's passcode: 1014292137331903
    Cost: The yearbook is $22.89 for an 8.5x11 softcover (or hardcover for a $6.95 upgrade fee).
    Shipping Charges & Delivery:
    Orders placed by Monday, 5/6 will be included in the school bulk order and receive free shipping. Yearbooks will then be delivered to your children through their teachers in June.
    Orders placed between 5/7 - 5/14 will NOT be part of the school bulk order and will have a shipping charge, but they will still be sent to the school for distribution through their teachers in June.
    Orders placed 5/14 and later will include a shipping charge and be sent directly to your home.
    Questions or concerns? Please email the yearbook committee at yearbook@laurelpto.org.