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    We are changing our Friday, June 4th Spirit Day to Disney & Pixar Spirit Day! We hope our Laurel community joins in the fun to celebrate all things Disney and Pixar! Students and staff are encouraged to wear a favorite costume, hat, shirt, mouse ears or anything with your favorite character!



    Yearbook Announcements 
    There have been so many requests for photos for the yearbook, we wanted to summarize everything in one place.  You should have already gotten requests from your HRP or Staff Yearbook Editor but just in case, we requested the following:
    • Portraits - If your child did NOT get school portraits from iClick, you can submit a portrait for the yearbook.  A head shot with greenery in the background works best.  Reminder, this is only for students who did not take iClick photos.  If your child took photos with iClick, it is already in the yearbook.
    • Class Collage - We'd love a photo of every student for the class collage.  It can be of anything from this school year - at home learning, physical activity, reading, writing, playing, Spirit Days, etc.  Any photo from the school year works but please remember, it will be printed in every single yearbook.
    • Fifth Grade Baby Photos - Per tradition, we are featuring all fifth graders in the baby photo spread.  Fifth graders (and all of us) love to look at the baby photos every year so we really want to ensure all fifth graders are included.
    To purchase and customize your yearbook, go to www.treering.com/validate and enter your school’s passcode: 1014292137331903. All orders will ship directly home this year. You will be prompted to enter the shipping address when placing the order.

    If you already submitted photos, THANK YOU!  If you did not, feel free to send them to yearbook@laurelpto.org and we will get them to the right place. 
    Congratulations to our Laurel School Service Award Winners!  These volunteers have gone above and beyond, and we thank you for your outstanding service to the Laurel community. A special note of thanks and a fond farewell to our Golden Oaks winners who are leaving the district but will always be part of our Laurel family.

    Laurel Service Awards


    Presidents' Award

    Krista Rosa

    Cassandra Lopez Loftus


    Golden Oaks

    Missy Pimentel

    Jenn Shoup


    Honorary Service Award

    Meredith Bailey

    Bahia Muriello

    Archna Patel

    Purvi Mody

    Anjali Patel

    Ritu Chitkara


    Continued Service Award

    Julianna Johnson

    Theresa Fox


    School Service Award

    Hubert Sun

    Nandini Acharya

    Shilpa Prakash

    Susan Butler

    Barbara Nguyen - Vu

    Gail Mohr

    Sarah Reilly

    Anne Newman

    Ana Susi

    Julie Hartstein

    Maria Carina, lvn

    Michelle Bonilla, lvn

    Marcos Solache

    Israel Rosas

    Jazmin Gonzalez

    Eduardo Ruiz

    Grant Conour

    Tisha Whiteley

    Ellen Kraska

    Melisa Gourley

    Olivia Crawford

    Sheila Warren

    Jill Roumeliotis

    Lynn Cox

    Jessica Smith

    Angela Bickar

    Tricia Mulcahy



    Call for Volunteers for STEAM committee!
    Hello Parents!  STEAM Fair is a time honored tradition at Laurel.  For next year, we are looking for anyone interested in joining the leadership team of STEAM fair.  If interested, please email steam@laurelpto.org.