• Pop! Pop! Read-A-Thon is coming up!

    Pop! Pop! Read-A-Thon is one of Laurel School’s biggest fundraisers of the year. This challenge encourages Laurel students to read (or be read to) everyday. Money raised allows the Laurel PTO to fund field trips, assemblies, books for classroom libraries, school supplies and much more. Our goal is to raise $20,000 ($30 per student) to continue funding these programs.


    Pop! Pop! Read A Thon is a two week event, from January 28th through February 8th.


    This year Pop! Pop! is going digital! We are using the Read-A-Thon.com digital platform to track minutes read and enable students to streamline asking for donations. Each student can create a personalized page to send to friends and family, collect donations, and track minutes read. The week before Pop! Pop! starts, your child will bring home information detailing the simple steps to create their personalized page.


    Pop open a good book!


    -Bahia Muriello and Meredith Bergin Bailey, Pop! Pop! Read-A-Thon Co-Chairs


    Volunteer for the Laurel Book Fair!

    Our annual book fair is coming up on February 5 -7 in the Library on the Upper Campus.  On Wednesday, February 6th, we'll be open from 6:00-7:00pm to coincide with our Specialist Showcase. We need people to sign up to help run the book fair. We will also need volunteers for set up on February 4th and take down on February 7th. Such a fun and easy way to get involved at school and pre-shop!  Please sign up here book fair volunteer times. To be added as a member of the Shutterfly site or if you have questions, please contact Stephanie Kerst at sage.steph@gmail.com.


    Sign up for Spanish after school program at Lower Campus
    The Spanish after school program takes place on Tuesdays at Lower Campus. Students from Upper Campus who wish to carpool should contact us at ipspanish@yahoo.com. There are still spots available for new students.  This program is interactive and fun. The instructor, Val Chalian, has been teaching this program for over 10 years and she uses art, music, poem, and food to make the experience engaging.  To register, visit www.lenguatica.com

    Third Grade Level Concert, presenting "The Squiggle"

    Upcoming Grade Level Concert: Come see what the third graders have been learning in music!!

    Third grade classes will be presenting "The Squiggle", a children's book which follows the imagination of a child as she explores a piece of string. Students will be presenting songs, through music, dance, and art, inspired by the book. The concert will be Thursday, Jan. 31, 1:30-2:10. Families and friends are invited to attend!













    Envision the Hillview Graduate

    Willy Haug, Principal of Hillview Middle School, invites parents of rising 6th graders to participate in a visioning session alongside parents of current 6-8th graders. Parents will be asked to share with the qualities, skills, attitudes, and dispositions that they would most like to see their students develop in their middle-school years. This is part of Hillview's effort to define a "Profile of a Hillview Graduate." This profile will serve as a lens for the environment and experiences that Hillview intentionally creates in the future. We are offering three possible sessions for parent input: Wednesday, January 30, a morning session 9:00 -10:00 a.m. or an evening session 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. (both will be in English with Spanish translation), at the Hillview PAC, and Thursday, Feb. 28, from 6-7pm at the TERC (in Spanish).  Childcare provided for both eveningsessions.  Please RSVP by clicking here.