Please join us in congratulating our 2018-19 Menlo Park City School District service award winners. These are parents, community members, teachers, and staff who have gone above and beyond to help our schools and district. Many school programs would not exist were it not for this talented and dedicated group of volunteers.
    District Council

    District Service Award (new award for 2018-19. Congratulations to the Launch Team for the One Community Campaign):, Alexandra Norcross, Astor Toyos, Azadeh Rasmussen, Ben Wang, Carolyn Kryger, Carrie Chen, Erik Burmeister, Eunice Cardenas, Franci Maletis, James Loftus, Janelle McCombs, Jenny Buddin, Jessica Gilmartin, Jill Vizas, John Donald, Joy Shih, Julie Borra, Karen Dearing, Katie Gardner, Katherine Bicer, Katie Rottier, Kelly Parisi, Ken Scheible, Ken Wang, Lil Perazich, Paige Arata, Parke Treadway, Sarah Sobel, Sarah Thayer, Stacey Wueste, Stacy Bissell, Suzanne Yonkers, Teresa Kwon, Tracy Roeder

    Golden Oak Awards: Joan Lambert, Terry Thygessen

    President's Award: Janelle McCombs

    Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation

    Honorary Service Awards: Colleen Cutcliffe, Darcy Gamble, Jaime D'Allesandro, Jessica Gilmartin, Maria Lehmkuhl, Sarah Thayer

    Continuing Service Award: Alison Poirier, Bill Thompson

    President's Awards: Astor Toyos, Katie Rottier

    Hillview Middle School

    Honorary Service Awards: Anna Kogan, Carolyn Kryger, Danielle OBrien, Johanna Woll, Julia Molise, Matt Ericksen, Mimi Nguyen

    Continuing Service Awards: Anneliese Abdella, Claudia Tedesco, Emily Moberg Robinson, Liliana Perazich,  Stacey Bissell, Tamara Russel

    Golden Oak Awards:  Alice Hom, Gina Skinner, John Donald, Theanne Thompson

    President's Awards: Laura Paul, Suzanne Watson

    Encinal Elementary School

    Honorary Service Awards: Avani Khatri, Bob Rider, Laura Wiggs, Noelle Johnstone, Sara Salmon, Sima Westwood

    Continuing Service Award: Alicia Payton, Amy McGaraghan, Sara Davis Teeple

    Golden Oak Awards: Kathleen Russell, Margie Rubin

    President's Award: Eunice Cardenas Schneider, Ken Scheible

    Laurel Elementary School

    Honorary Service Awards: Deany Brady, Juliana Johnson, Justina Cortes, James Loftus, Molly Kossow

    Continuing Service Award: Caryn Wasserstein

    Golden Oak Awards: Charlene Mattos, Judy Fairbrother, Kathy Orciuoli, Renee Pyle, Ruth Peterson

    President's Awards: Azadeh Rasmussen, Ben Wang

    Oak Knoll Elementary School

    Honorary Service Awards: Becky Bullard, Emily Record, Hope Scheid, Jenny Ryan, Renee Gorzynski Bache

    Continuing Service Awards: Alison Matthews, Karen Clancy, Karen Dearing, Katie Gardner

    Golden Oak Award: Caryl Brewbaker, Gina Skinner, Linda Rossi, Renee Lavezzo, Stephenie Chen

    President's Award: Jenny Buddin













    Hillview Middle School will be giving away our obsolete and damaged instructional materials, textbooks and English language novels at our upcoming Open House, May 23, 2019 from 6:30 – 8:30, 1100 Elder Avenue, Menlo Park. 


    The showing will be located on the Hillview campus facing Santa Cruz Avenue between the Gymnasium and our D building.   Books and materials are free for the taking. Come with your own bags and enjoy our collection of books that are looking for a new home!











    Stock up for Summer Reading at the Hillview Book Fair

    May 20th-23rd at Hillview Library


    Explore new books and stock up for summer reading for the whole family. 5th Graders can browse and buy the Hillview Summer Reading books from the rising 6th Grader list.


    The Book Fair will run from Monday, May 20th - Thursday, May 23rd. We'll be open each day before school from 8:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m., during brunch and lunch, and for 30 minutes after school. We'll also be open during Hillview's Open House May 23rd from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

    Questions? Contact Laurel Holman (laurel.holman@gmail.com) or Tanya Dodge (tgoodrow@gmail.com)