Menlo Park City School District Bilingual Credential Program

  • The Menlo Park City School District is seeking initial institutional approval by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This approval would allow MPCSD to sponsor educator preparation programs in California. Interested parties are invited to submit comments that may help to inform the Commission of substantive issues regarding this institution. Comments should be submitted to the Commission at Please note that comments should specify the party's relationship to the institution (i.e., graduate, present or former faculty member, employer of graduates, other -please specify). All identifying information will remain confidential.


    The Menlo Park City School District (MPCSD) Bilingual Credential Program (BCP) will offer an affordable, alternative pathway to teaching.  Upon completion of the program, the BCP candidates will earn a Multiple Subject credential with Bilingual Authorization in Spanish at the lowest possible cost to the candidate with the highest quality of education.


    In the face of a national teacher shortage, MPCSD’s goal is to recruit, train, credential and hire bilingual teachers prepared to teach in our schools.  The overall goal of the Menlo Park City School District Bilingual Credential Program (BCP) is to provide a pipeline for the entire area and to recruit outstanding bilingual candidates who may not otherwise have the financial ability to become teachers or who hadn't seen themselves in this role until the recruiters from the BCP program reached out to them.  


    BCP candidates will benefit from a high-quality program taught by practitioners in the field (MPCSD afficilated instructional staff and administrators). Other Bay Area school districts will also benefit from a pipeline of well-trained, bilingual educators who represent a diversity of racial, economic, and language backgrounds.

How it works

  • All participants will take classes in the evening taught primarily by MPCSD teachers and administrators. Participants will either complete a traditional student teaching experience or apply for an intern credential to allow them to work as a teacher. The intern credential is based on a collaboration between the Commission-approved alternative certification program and the District to to provide support as required by program standards and regulations.

    Commission approved programs are a path to the preliminary teaching credential that allows an individual the ability to complete teacher preparation coursework while working as a teacher. Selected applicants will be required to complete pre-program preparation training.



    Pre-program Training

    Evening & Saturday Courses

    Online Courses

    Coaching & Mentoring


    Selected candidates will be required to complete a pre-program preparation training. The intensive training will prepare the candidates for the program requirements, student teaching and internships.

    Selected candidates will attend evening & Saturday courses specific to MPCSD - technology & innovation, data & assessment, student & family engagement, best practices in the classroom.

    Online courses will focus on the Bilingual Authorization in Spanish and subject matter content for the Multiple Subject credential

    Selected candidates will be provided with a coach who will provide feedback on the candidates' teaching.  A program mentor will schedule 1:1 check-ins to review program progress.

    Upon completion of the program, candidates will receive a Preliminary Multiple Subject credential with Bilingual Authorization in Spanish.