ELC Registration


    These forms will be required for after you are accepted into the ELC program for the 2021-22 school year and/or Summer 2021. There is no need to complete the forms if you are on the waiting list.


    To confirm your child’s enrollment, please submit the following documentation to the ELC Office at Laurel Campus G Building 95 Edge Rd. in Atherton or earlylearning@mpcsd.org.



    Students receiving tuition assistance/ state preschool will be required to submit additional documents.


    Priorities for the lottery for full-fee students are as follows:

    1.  Current ELC students and their siblings
    2.  MPCSD Residents 
    3.  MPCSD Staff (children of ELC staff will receive first priority among staff)
    4.  Community - Children who live outside of the MPCSD boundaries
    5.  Children whose families apply after January 11, 2021


    Priorities for the lottery for tuition assistance are as follows:

    1. Current ELC students and their siblings 
    2. English Learner MPCSD Resident and English Learner Tinsley siblings
    3. Resident and Tinsley Siblings (not English Learner)
    4. Children of MPCSD Staff (who are not any of the above)
    5. Tinsley eligible non-siblings