• Hillview uses an organizational structure called the Academy Model that groups students and teachers into smaller learning communities in order to provide greater attention to individual student needs and to develop a sense of community within a smaller group of students who share the same academic teachers. 


    The three Academy teachers for sixth grade students are a Humanities Teacher who instructs English Language Arts and Social Studies, a Math Teacher and a Science Teacher. Sixth graders share classes outside their Academies for their Electives.


    The three Academy teachers for seventh and eighth grade students are an English Language Arts teacher, a Social Studies Teacher and a Science teacher. Seventh and eighth grade students share classes outside their Academies in Math, Physical Education and Electives.


    To view the faculty by academy visit the Academy Directory.


    Each academy typically has at least 2 academy parents. An academy parent works closely with their own academy teachers to provide volunteer support throughout the year. Academy parents might coordinate chaperones for a field trip, solicit classroom volunteers to help with special projects and provide food for holiday celebrations and/or end of year events. If you are interested in volunteering to be an academy parent in the future please visit our Volunteer Sign Up Form.


    Academies & Staff for 2020-21


    6th Grade

    Everest: Joseph O’Brien (Humanities Core), Kathryn Rippentrop (Humanities Core), Suney Park (Math), Arion Espinoza (Science)

    Olympus: Jacky Schlegel (Humanities Core), Grant Coscia (Humanities Core), Yogi Sullivan (Math), Leo Schneiderman (Science) 

    Vesuvius:  Libby Ellis (Humanities Core), Julie Williams (Humanities Core), Medea Yob (Math), Julie Hilborn (Science)


    7th Grade

    Cloud Nine: Valerie Cypert (English), Shalann Kunkel (Social Studies), Jonathan Coldoff (Math), Tom Lyons (Science)

    Mavericks: Charea Bustamante (English), Marianne Santo (Social Studies), Katrina Hagg (Math), Heiko Ritter (Science)

    Pipeline: Jeff Mead (English), Mike Rogers (Social Studies), Rob Lawrence (Math), James Green (Science)


    8th Grade

    Explorers: David Babington (English), Carolyn Malquist (Social Studies), Michael Hickam (Math), Kara Connelly (Science)

    Pioneers: Christine Beirne (English), Kelly Slaughter (English), Kim Staff (English/Social Studies), Mike Doroquez (Math), Daniel Valdez (Science)

    Trailblazers: Christine Beirne (English), Sara Dara-Abrams (English), Mimi Nguyen (Social Studies), Sayre Dolan (Math), Susan Arrington (Science)