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2023-24 District Forms



MPCSD Documents and Forms:

2023-2024 Instructional Calendar

2023-24 Free and Reduced Meals Information (English & Español)

2023-24 Optional Student Accident Insurance (English & Español)

Emergency Plan (English)

Parent Responsibility regarding Residency (English)

Parent Responsibility regarding Residency (Español)

PowerSchool Parent Portal Instructions (Hillview)

Proof of Residency Requirements per AR 5111.1 District Residency 

Release of Information (Student, Parent, Place of Employment)

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement (English)

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement (Español)

MPCSD Health Forms

Click here for all MPCSD Health Forms 


Required Notices 

2023-24 Annual Notification 

2023-24 Student Accident Insurance (Optional)

Firearms Safety Memorandum (English)
Notificación del Almacenamiento Seguro de Armas de Fuego

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform and to remind parents and legal guardians of all students in the Menlo Park City School District of their responsibilities for keeping firearms out of the hands of children as required by California law. There have been many news reports of children bringing firearms to school. In many instances, the child obtained the firearm(s) from his or her home. These incidents can be easily prevented by storing firearms in a safe and secure manner, including keeping them locked up when not in use and storing them separately from ammunition.

To help everyone understand their legal responsibilities, this memorandum spells out California law regarding the storage of firearms. Please take some time to review this memorandum and evaluate your own personal practices to assure that you and your family are in compliance with California law.

Naloxone (Narcan) In Schools Notification

MPCSD's Complaints Procedures Handbook (includes Williams Uniform Complaint)

Notification of Nondiscrimination (English)

Notification of Nondiscrimination (Español)

Notification of Pesticide Applications - Healthy School Act (English)

Notification of Pesticide Applications - Healthy School Act (Español)

Notification of Rights under FERPA (English)

Notification of Rights under FERPA (Español)

MPCSD Board Policies

BP & AR 5125 - Release of Student Records

BP 5131 - Student Conduct

BP 5144 - Student Discipline

BP & AR 5145.7 - Student Sexual Harassment

Click here For additional MPCSD Board Policies

CA Education Code

Ed. Code 58205 - Pupil Absence/Excuse

Ed. Code 58501 - Notice of Alternative Schools (English)

Ed. Code 58501 - Notice of Alternative Schools (Español)