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Summer School

As families begin to make their summer plans, we would like to inform you that we will be returning to our pre-pandemic summer programming. Unlike the last two years, where the district received additional grants to increase enrollment for summer school, school districts across California are no longer receiving additional grants to be able to increase enrollment for summer programming. 

MPCSD’s goal of summer school is not only to prevent the summer slide but mainly to accelerate learning for our most academically at-risk students. 

We have a set number of classes available to students. Students with the greatest academic needs will be selected to receive an invitation to summer school.  Summer school selections will be made based on trimester 2 data including F&P/SRI Scores, On Demand Writing scores, Math Benchmark Scores, Grades, Teacher Recommendations, and IEP's requiring Summer School. 

Our summer school academic programs include the following: Math Bridge (6-8), Math Elevate (3-6) and our general education program (K-8). These programs will be by invitation only. Students must receive an invitation to participate in these programs. Should your child need to attend summer school, you will be notified in late spring. 

We look forward to a successful summer school program. 

Middle school director

Elementary school director