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(COMPLETED EVENT) Navigating Social Media and Digital Wellness at Home and School - April 3, 2024


A child holds a phone and uses social media emojis
Parke Treadway

Helping our children navigate social media and addressing the affects of today's online world is one of the most requested parenting education topics we receive. Come hear from a panel of experts, sharing researched-based advice, about how you can make the best decisions for your family as children grow up in this digital age. Superintendent Gracia will moderate the discussion with panelists

  • Naama Barnea-Goraly, MD, Co-Founder and CEO of GirlTelligence
  • Vidya Krishnan, MD, Chief Psychiatrist and Medical Director of Children's Health Council
  • Willy Haug, MPCSD Director of Technology and Innovation and CITE Certified CTO
  • Teen Advisors from SafeSpace

April 3, 2024 • 7:00 p.m. • Hillview Middle School • Watch video of event