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Menlo Park City School District

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District Council Information

  • Purpose of the District Council
    The purpose of the Menlo Park City School District Council is to foster cooperative relationships among the Laurel, Encinal, Oak Knoll, and Hillview PTOs, the MPAEF, the Principals, the District, and the School Board in order to facilitate communication in the District.
    Members of the District Council
    Council The members of the District Council for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:

    Co-President: Kate Kennedy
    Secretary / Parliamentarian: Janell Sanford
    Treasurer / Administrator (Calendar): Gina Skinner
    Auditor: Stacy Dekshenieks
    ​Joint Campaign Co-Coordinator: Jody Buckley
    Joint Campaign Co-Coordinator: Calla Griffith
    District Directory Coordinator: Ken Wang
    Recognition (Service Awards) Coordinator: Jill Kispert
    Programming Coordinator (Parent Ed): Singari Seshadri
    District Lunch Program Coordinator: Desiree Vogt
    Community News Coordinator: Emily Robinson

    The Superintendent of the Menlo Park City School District, Maurice Ghysels and School Board representatives, Jeff Child and Stacey Jones, attend the monthly meetings of the District Council, as well as the school principals, and presidents and vice presidents of the PTO of each constituent school. In addition, MPAEF Co-Presidents, Alka Gupta and Jennfier Dahmus, and the MPAEF Executive Director Susannah Hill represent the Menlo Park Atherton Education Foundation at the meetings.

DC Bylaws and Files

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