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Request for Independent Study

  • In the event that a student can not attend class, or school, due to travel, or quarantine reasons, the Menlo Park City School District offers an Independent Study Plan option. 

    Please note:
    Per Board Policy, 10 SCHOOL DAYS (TWO WEEKS) is the MAXIMUM amount of time for students to be on Independent Study for an entire school year. With the unique situation of the pandemic and COVID-19, we are extending that maximum amount as needed and for special circumstances.
    If students do NOT submit completed Independent Study work, their Independent Study will be marked INCOMPLETE and the absences will be considered UNEXCUSED.

    To request your child to go on Independent Study, please follow the steps below:

    1. Notify the school staff that your child will go on Independent Study. Ideally, give at least a week's notice when going on ISP for travel reasons. Please email your child's teacher and the Assistant Office Manager for the campus your child attends (Lower Campus - Katherine or Upper Campus - Susy

    2. Submit attendance on Safe Arrival School Messenger and indicate Independent Study for the days on ISP. The Assistant Office Manager will see the ISP information and be able to adjust the absences for longer than 2 days.

    4. Download the assignments. Each grade level has a premade Independent Study Plan in a file below. Download/print/follow the Independent Study plan for your child. Also, the teacher may provide a few additional items for your child to work on while they are on Independent Study, but that is up to the teacher.

    5. Upon completion of the Independent Study, email completed coursework to the Assistant Office Manager for the campus your child attends (Lower Campus - Katherine or Upper Campus - Susy Please send her 2 -3 screenshots or photos as evidence of the Independent Study work completed. We need to file these work samples  as evidence of the completed ISP for State attendance auditing purposes.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.
    Thank you kindly,
    Ashley Guilliot
    Assistant Principal