School Supplies

  • The following are supplies for the coming year that we recommend for every Hillview student. This list is Supplies provided for your convenience, but please keep in mind that some items on the list will change, and while we try to avoid this as much as possible, individual teacher requirements may differ slightly from what you see below. You will not need every little item on the first day of school; just use common sense and make sure you have basics (paper, pens, pencils, a binder), and we'll give you deadlines for the rest. 

    Please note: We ask families to provide these items voluntarily. Please contact the Hillview office if you need any of these items provided to you.

     Supply New Technology Supplies for All Hillview Students:

    • iPad Keyboard - Students can bring their own keyboards.  Hillview is providing a case for students as part of the accessories, but no keyboard is attached. 
      Note: Keyboards will be available in all classes.  Some keyboards will be available for check out in the library as well.  
    • iPad Mouse - Students can bring their own mouse
    Supply Recommended 6th Grade School Supplies:
    • one (1) 1 inch or 1.5 inch maximum binder (PLEASE, NO BINDERS 2" OR GREATER, CLOTH, ZIPPER OR VELCRO BINDERS - TOO HEAVY!) for all 6th grade students
    • ten (10) blank tabbed binder dividers
    • two (2) 8 1/2 x 11 single-subject spiral notebooks, one for math and one for science
    • binder paper: 500-sheet pack (Keep ~30-50 sheets in your binder, to be replenished weekly)
    • pencil pouch to hold the following:
      • two (2) blue or black ballpoint pens
      • one (1) easily visible correcting pen of any other color (red, green, purple)
      • two - three (2-3) sharpened pencils (or mechanical with extra lead)
      • one (1) hand held pencil sharpener that ‘catches’ the shavings (unless using mechanical pencils)
      • one (1) highlighter, any color
      • one (1) calculator (math)
      • two (2) LOW-ODOR white board markers (black or blue) (math)
      • one (1) stylus for iPad (also available in the Student Store)
    Home supplies checklist: (optional but highly recommended)
    • backup supply of binder paper (it can always be used next year)
    • access to a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus
    • backup supply of blue or black ballpoint pens, coloring correcting pens, and pencils
    • scissors, hole punch, ruler (6” or 12”)
    • stapler, transparent tape
    • 3”x3” Post-It notes (light color is best)
    • 3”x5” index cards (at least 300, lined)
    • color pencils, 12 pack is great
    • Crayola 8 count markers (fine tip, regular colors)
    • glue stick

    Recommended 7th Grade School Supplies:
    • calculator (math & science)
    • mechanical pencils (with extra lead)(Math)
    • 1 or more binders for English, social studies, math, & science
    • binder paper (all subjects)
    • minimum of 12 section dividers (generally 2 packages) (all subjects)
    • 10 sheet protectors (English, social studies)
    • pens & pencils (all subjects)
    • highlighter (all subjects)
    • manual pencil sharpener (all subjects)
    • glue stick (English, social studies)
    • scientific calculator with basic functions including square roots; "sin," "cos," and "tang" functions**
    • protractor (the smaller, the better) **
    • Stylus for iPad (also available in the Student Store)

    Recommended 8th Grade School Supplies:
    • binder (size will depend on academy)
    • 10 dividers
    • graph paper notebook
    • binder paper
    • scientific calculator with basic functions including square roots; "sin," "cos," and "tang" functions **
    • basic set of colored pencils
    • red pen
    • 2 black or blue pens
    • 2 pencils
    • 2 highlighters
    • earbuds (to be used with iPads) - no need to purchase new ones
    • Stylus for iPad (also available in the Student Store)
    **  geometry students only

    Recommended World Languages School Supplies:
    • French - 1"  three-ring binder
    • Spanish - Spiral notebook