Posted by Ellen Kraska on 11/22/2019 8:00:00 AM

Our second grade students are wrapping up their "Breakfast of Champions" Project Based Learning Unit. During this unit, students engaged in sustained inquiry regarding nutrition. Students learned how sugary foods burn faster in our bodies by watching different types of cereal burn! They also learned how to read nutrition labels and look out for things like the amount of sugar and salt. Here is a photo from a classroom display which shows the amount of sugar in one serving of these cereals and snack foods! Whoa!Students also discovered what it means to have a healthy plate, what it means to "Eat a Rainbow" and they used this information to plan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now, the  students want to influence others to make healthy choices. Some students made posters to share their learning. The picture below is an infographic poster made by two second graders. 

 poster nutrition


Here is their description: "This poster teaches people what you should eat. The trucks that are bigger show you that you should eat that food. The trucks that are smaller show you should eat less of that food." Our second graders have definitely learned a tremendous amount during this unit of study! Thank you to our second grade teachers!


We have a short week of school ahead! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break with their family.


Laurel School 
Assistant Principal