Posted by Ellen Kraska on 10/7/2019

Hello families,

It was wonderful to see everyone gathered for our Fall Family Picnic last week! Many thanks to all the volunteers who organized and planned such an enjoyable, interactive and festive evening! Also, a thank you to our Specialist teachers for putting on the Specialist Showcase to highlight some of the enriching experiences our students have in Art, World Language, Music, Library and PE Classes! Below is a Spotlight on K-3 Orff Music at Laurel, courtesy of our amazing Orff Music teacher, Rachel Bergeron.




Music Instruments

Spotlight on Orff!


The K-3 Music program at Laurel School is based on the Orff Schulwerk approach, where students are actively engaged in music learning as they SING, SAY, DANCE, and PLAY. In the Orff music classroom, students DISCOVER musical concepts by imitation, exploration and experimentation and use TEAMWORK as they collaboratively create and perform. The focus of the music program is on students becoming confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers, not necessarily on presenting polished performances.  The process is just as important as the final product! To see what is happening in music, please be sure to sign up for Seesaw! Students in grades 1-3 will also be presenting grade level concerts.


Please mark your calendars for the following dates:



1st Grade – Friday, March 13, 2:15

2nd Grade – Friday, May 1, 2:15

3rd Grade – Thursday, January 30, 1:30 pm


If you would like to visit a music classroom, or have any questions, please contact


Rachel Bergeron

Laurel Music Teacher