Pop! Pop! Read-A-Thon - An Opportunity to Read Diverse Books

Posted by Ellen Kraska on 1/22/2021

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As Pop! Pop! begins on Monday, our Laurel community will be spending quality time focused on reading! With that in mind, I encourage our parents to reflect on the books their children are reading. The Read-A-Thon is a great opportunity to share new perspectives with children via books and literature. It is vitally important for us to share books with children from diverse perspectives and authors - representing people living in different places, from a variety of backgrounds, races, cultures, ethnicities, religions, family structures and abilities. Research has shown that reading diverse, multicultural books can provide children with mirrors into their own lives, helping them understand their own identity, and also provide windows of insight into the lives and experiences of people who are not like them. This year, our Laurel classroom teachers are dedicating their PTO Classroom library funds to purchasing enriching, diverse collections of books to help our students expand their thinking. The photo is from some new books on display in Maestra Ghahramani's fifth grade classroom! We invite our Laurel parents to join us on this quest to share, enjoy, read and discuss diverse, multicultural books with our children to reflect the diverse and multicultural world that we live in. Looking for titles? Here is a children's book list from Edutopia and another from the nonprofit "We Need Diverse Books."  Happy Pop! Pop! Read - A - Thon! As a lifelong, avid reader, the Pop! Pop! Read-A-Thon is truly one of my favorite times of the year! 

Your bookworm Assistant Principal,