Posted by Ellen Kraska on 1/31/2021

Dear Laurel families,


As I was Zooming with a class of Laurel students this week and we discussed our "highlights" of the week, several students shared how much they LOVE Art class. Our two Art teachers, Mrs. Shelley Winters (Lower Campus) and Mrs. Christie Giacomozzi (Upper Campus), are the epitome of warm, caring, energetic and creative teachers! In Laurel's Art classes students learn meaningful content and knowledge, plus they love to explore and create Art using a variety of mediums and tools. Many thanks to Mrs. Winters and Mrs. Giacomozzi for their nonstop energy and enthusiasm for teaching Art - their passion certainly comes through even on Zoom! See the message below from Mrs. Shelley Winters to get a glimpse into our students artistic endeavors at Lower Campus. Currently, Mrs. Winters is integrating important themes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and spotlighting contributions from famous Black artists within her classes.


Have a great weekend!

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Spotlight on Art at the Lower Campus


At the Lower Campus, the Laurel artists have been busy creating portraits of Martin Luther King Jr. in Art Class. They learned powerful words that describe MLK and how drawing a portrait and adding words to the background can help celebrate the memory of this amazing man. In addition to honoring the memory, students learned about proportion when drawing a realistic portrait.  Proportion is one of the ways we teach students about three dimensional and realistic drawings. We have been practicing this the last few weeks with a dino hatching out of an egg and a ninja rat. Ask to see your students' masterpieces! Here are some photos of first graders MLK portraits. This is a great way for us to transition into Black History Month where we will be learning about some famous Black artists like Clementine Hunter and Faith Ringgold.


Shelley Winters

Lower Campus Art Teacher


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