Posted by Ellen Kraska on 2/7/2021

February is a busy time for us at Laurel! Just in the past week alone, we are wrapping up our Pop! Pop! Read-A-Thon, Kindergarten had 100th Day of School Parades and Celebrations, we honored Mrs. Guilliot for "School Counselor Week," First Grade teachers hosted PBL "Symbolically Me" learning centers, and we had several "A Week" Valentines Day celebrations too! Since parents can't see all the amazingness on campus - I'm sharing some photos of fun activities on campus below! Mrs. Hirsch (2nd Grade) dyed her hair blue as a reward for her class reading over 20,000 minutes for Pop! Pop! Read-A-Thon! Kindergarten students all decked out for 100th Day Parades! Maestra Toca (1st Grade) presents Mesa Verde as one of the monuments and US symbols for the "Symbolically Me" Project Based Learning Unit.
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Black History Month
Also notable is the variety of ways that our teachers are honoring, recognizing and elevating February as Black History Month. For example, Mrs. Stone's Virtual Academy Third Grade Class (made up of almost all Laurel students) is reading a book a day that features people and events from Black History. Mrs. Stone's class is enjoying following along with a February calendar of books that was developed by an elementary school librarian who goes by @TheBookWrangler on Instagram. Mrs. Stone commented,"Kids are really interested because we are learning about people who made a difference in all walks of life...a ballerina, a poet, an athlete and Jimi Hendrix...a fan favorite so far! It is introducing students to more than the civil rights activists that we all learned about every single year."To take a look at the monthly list of books, check out the Instagram Post from School Librarian Mike @TheBookWrangler
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Photo credit: Instagram @TheBookWrangler
After Mrs. Stone shared this resource with me, I was inspired by reading Book Wrangler's entire Instagram post. I couldn't agree with him more when he writes, "Black history happens every day. Celebrate it always." Yes! At Laurel, our goal is to incorporate anti-bias, multicultural and social justice concepts of study - not just during this one month of February - but to weave these concepts and themes, as well as the contributions from ALL people, throughout the entire school year. Looking for ideas to honor Black History with your family? Here is an article with five ideas and suggestions.
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