Posted by Ellen Kraska on 2/14/2021

Spotlight on Project Based Learning: Third Grade "California Dreamers" 
At the Upper Campus, we have "California Dreamer" posters on display featuring ancestors and family members of our Laurel third grade students. As part of the Third Grade PBL Unit called "California Dreamers," students interviewed a family member about the first person in their family that immigrated to the area. Our third graders learned about the variety of reasons why people moved here - from seeking a better life, to "love," to starting a new job, to attend college/university, to escaping famine and more! While some families immigrated generations ago, other families relocated to the Bay Area more recently. The third grade creates a HUGE third grade California Dreamer timeline - which includes a family immigrant from each Laurel third grader - and further reveals more about trends in immigration over time.
Here is what a few students had to say about the California Dreamer PBL!
"I really liked making the poster and learning about my family." - Carlos
"The "California Dreamer" PBL is my favorite because it was learning all about ourselves and I got to learn about my family. Then, we learned about other families and figured out what we have in common." - Amelia
Here is a photo of Amelia and Carlos with their California Dreamer projects. Great job to all our third grade students!