Posted by Ellen Kraska on 5/9/2021

Dear Laurel families,
Last week was filled with joy, sunshine and so many smiles! Thank you parents and PTO for showering our staff with appreciation in so many ways! Our Laurel staff was beaming! Everyone loved all the gifts, flowers, yummy treats, notes and kind gestures during our Staff Appreciation Week! Thank you one and all!
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STEAM Fair - 2021 Style!
Laurel students really enjoy all these STEAM learning experiences! Last week we had several STEAM assemblies with guest scientists via Zoom! During the "World of Reptiles" Zoom Assembly, John Hale showed students his pet tortoises, chameleons and snakes that ALL live with him at his house! The students' jaws dropped as Mr. Hale picked up his 55 pound Salceda Tortoise to share with all of us! It filled the entire screen! 
During a fourth grade assembly, a biomedical Engineer fascinated students as she explained to students how she works with doctors to develop robotic arms, screws for broken hips and specialized bike helmets. Third graders learned about archaeological excavations from a biological archaeologist and fifth graders learned about genetic research from a bioinformatic scientist.  It was an amazing week at Laurel! Thanks to our STEAM Team and teachers for making it such a success!
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