Missions Update

Hello Everyone,

      Wanted to give folks an email to update you on our Missions Unit that will be coming up over the next to 4 to 6 weeks.  Enclosed in this email is the Mission Supply List.  We will be providing the boards.  Mission Building will begin the week after Spring Break (April 11th through 15th).  The Mission Project is a labor intensive activity.  The old adage, "Many hands makes light work." is never more fitting than with Mission Building.  I will let you know more soon as to our scheduled time each day.  Mission Building goes really well if we have 4 to 5 volunteers every day we are building.  
     Our Mission Field Trip to San Juan Bautista is on Friday, March 18th.  This is an all day field trip.  Thanks in advance to the parent volunteers (Amy Traum, Nick Gracia, Nancy Larocca Hedley, Sharon Singer, Veronica Yank) who signed up at Back to School Night to chaperone the trip.  The kids will be receiving their field trip slip information on Friday.  The kids will need to bring a brown bag lunch, Lunchable, or pre order a lunch from Choice Lunch.  We wanted to have the San Juan Bautista Mission Trip serve as our kickoff to our Missions Unit.  
                                                                                                                                    Thanks for Your Support!
                                                                                                                                                           John H. Fuller (4th grade, Oak Knoll Elem.)

Mission Supplies

Mission Building Week: Week after Spring Break


Please keep items at home (I will let you know when needed at school)


Every child needs:


1 Costco cereal box (with child’s name on box)

1 or 2 packages of hot glue gun sticks (the long ones)

2 regular cereal boxes opened and flattened (for roof tiles…to be cut at home after being painted at school)

1 large piece of thin flat cardboard (the large pieces that separate items at Costco work best)

We also need the following:


Artificial turf (can get a Home Depot as remnants)

Small-sized artificial flowers/plants/greenery

Small twigs (lots and lots of them to make trees/fences)

Sawdust (Petco has bags that are quite inexpensive)

Sand (but not out of the sand box…dark colored works well)

Coffee grounds (ground cover)

Other ground cover

Small pebbles (to line pathways)

Small blue rocks/glass beads (for water ways/fountains)

Small bells for bell towers

Items for fountains (there are plastic mini champagne glasses at Dollar Tree that work well)

Any other treasures that you think would work


Options for your child:

Small plastic farm animals

Small mission tools (available at craft stores)

Small plastic padres