September in the Art Room

Posted by Anna Kogan on 9/21/2017

We have had a busy few weeks of school. Students are challenging their creativity in drawing, painting, and clay so far this year. Students are observing the world around them and relate their art to their personal experiences and interests. Everyone is encouraged to make their art as personl as possible so that it is a true expression of themselves. Below is the breakdown by class including a few photos of student work. Enjoy!

Mixed Media Art:

In MMA, students began by sketching outdoors around school and practiced working with charcoal. They turned some of their sketches into more finished charcoal drawings. Then, they began to sketch items that they care about and created stencils for each object. These were traced on larger paper and painted using a blended technique and overlapping.   

Currently, students are working on containers that are shaped like food. These will be fired in the kiln and painted to look more realistic. Looking forward to seeing the students' creations in October!

Andrea  Elise  oreo

3D Art: In 3D Art, students have been so busy! First, they made a tile that showed their understanding of several techniques: burnishing, stamp, sgraffito, slab formation, and reductive sculpture. This tile was then painted with watercolors with some of the surface wiped away to show off the nice textural designs underneath. Then, students created ceramic jewelry and small scuptures which were glazed with vibrant colors. Some of the students chose to embed glass into the small sculptures. Next, students created relief signs that included slab lettering and a small slab sculpture. The relief sculptures needed to incorporate sgraffito or stamp into the tile. These will also be painted to add interest and color. Next, students needed to create a set of mugs that are linked by a similar theme. The theme needed to be carved into the mug or attached as relief sculpture. I also demonstrated the pottery wheel to students who will take about 1 week on the wheel during the trimester. 

daniel  tiles  jewelry  mugs  owl

Advanced Art: The Advanced Art class began the year with a charcoal drawing based on newspaper photographs of Hurricane Harvey. These powerful images translated well to charcoal. Next, students experimented with guache paint and created paintings of shiny objects. They are now beginning a clay sculpture that shows relief texture (smooth, design, and or relief sculpture on the container). These are in progress and will surely turn out well. We also took a block period off campus to sketch in the negihborhood. How relaxing and what a good way to practice our drawing skills. On October 6th, we are headed to the Human Society for the beginning of our Adoptibles Art project. 

harvey1  harvey2  shiny  mio  eva