September News from the Art Room

Posted by Anna Kogan on 9/24/2018

The year is well underway. Until the beginning of November, students in the Drawing and Painting elective can find their art on display at the Menlo Park Library. The art projects on display depict movie and book covers of each student's life or summer. Students practiced for this project by drawing each other and practicing with a variety of materials, experimenting with observational drawing and shading. Check out the art work! It looks great in the children's section of the library.

library   poster   length

     Students are now starting work on portraits of children from Puerto Rico. To help with drawing the children accurately, students learned how to create a grid. We will receive footage of the children receiving their portraits later in the year. This is always a rewarding project and I'm always so impressed with everyone's dedication to trying their best. 

     Also, students in my 6th grade classes have begun work with designing inclusive playgrounds for all children. Students are working in small groups to design one or two pieces of playground equipment and will begin constructing the equipment using cardboard. The designs and creativity is impressive! We kicked off this project with a visit from Jay Gluckman from the Magical Bridge Foundation.

     Students in my photography class have enjoyed several photo shoots at this point. Our most fun and funny photo shoot was photographing bubbles. Students got amazing photos from this assignment and worked on altering color in their photos using Photoshop. We will take a walking field trip to the Allied Art Guild and/or downtown Menlo Park in the coming weeks. We will walk on a Wednesday block day starting at 10:20. Please let me know if you might be interested in walking with us. The trip will be in October (date not confirmed).

bubble         bubble2


     Sculpture students are getting to try out the wheel and have moved onto their 4th sculpture project of the year: creating a book box that represents their life. Students are creating slabs for the sides of their books and making removable lids that fit in place. Coming up, students will be sculpting a relief map of a favorite city--what a challenge! I can't wait to see which cities they choose. We will also take a walking field trip to draw the playground at Oak Knoll School. This trip will be toward the end of October/early November and will be in preparation for designing kinetic playground equipment. Students will learn about inclusive playground design based on my partnership with Magical Bridge Playground. It should be an interesting assignment.